Creative Writing, Fiction Writers, Poetry Writing

Creative writing can be fun and many fiction writers find out the best way to better their writings is to write as much as they can. Creative writing, such as fiction writing or poetry writing is an art. However, there are skills and tools with many different techniques that can be used to develop for writing skills.

To be good at creative writing you need to accept constructive criticism, listen, read many different style of literature and write as much as you can spare the time. To be good at writing requires you to create a specific routine because to be good at writing can very difficult. To be a good fiction writer, you need to be a great story teller. If you are a great story teller you will find many that want to read your work. suggest you write about subject you are well verse in. your writings should reflect your experiences in this subject. However, there are some major components that should be included in a good story. Here the seven most important things any good stories should have.

Plot, is the events that take place in the story. A plot usually consists of conflicts. A plot should also continue as the story unfolds. As the story ends a plot usually gets better.

Characters, will be the people or animals that you will include in the story. Characters are usually introduced early in the story. Make sure the character in the story appears with great significance to the reader.

Setting, is the place and time where your story takes place. You have to take your time and describe the setting so your readers can feel and see the place. Set a great a great atmosphere of the story.

Dialogue, is the word the character speaks in the story. A good dialogue can make fiction fun, real and interesting.

Point of view, you can decide first person point of view of the story or a secondary person telling the story or a third person point of view.

Theme, Avery great stories have a theme. Basically this is the main idea or meaning behind a story.

Style, we all have our own style and language. Don’t concentrate too much on the style of writing. Keep focus on the plot of the story.

Whatever rules and regulations you hear about how to write  suggest for you to have fun with your writings. The more you write the better you will get at creative writings, fiction writing or poetry writings. Don’t put too much focus on all these rules. Some of may prevent you from being creative.

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