Dagger, Dagger Heart

On the surface, no illustration of a tormented soul,
Within, an anguish of great proportion is hidden.
Incensed with those who deride his dissimilarity,
A deed that will bring them a hefty outlay.

Dagger, Dagger Heart with a fierce characteristic,
Absorbing ridicules as a tot and an adult,
An uncomplicated existence he desires, however,
He is waiting for the moment of reprisal.

Dagger, Dagger Heart with sufficient derision, takes action.
Meticulous planning, an unsuspected surprise comes about.
One by one, their deliberate demises come.
Mementos of the carnage sit in a jar filled with oculi.

Dagger, Dagger Heart distrustful of the jar filled with oculi,
Convinced of being watched over by the jar, moments of derision relived.
Mementos of oculi disappear, the jar is no more.
Tormented soul goes back hidden, waiting for more of those who have derided him.