Just Like You

Just like you, I was imprisoned.
With a beating heart that sometimes appearances would quell.
With open eyes that would sometimes still impede my view.
Fright of a new beginning shackled my legs to a routine.
The bimonthly outlay I needed for life’s necessities.
I graduated, becoming a master of inducing in myself the illusion of security.
Just like you, I wanted to escape.
With deficient courage, I was unable to make a swift decision.
Justification upon justification for the reasons I could not.
Just like you, I received an unexpected wake-up call,
The occupation I once knew would be no longer.
Just like you, fright raced through my head.
Speedy heart and vision of the most horrible outcomes almost consumed me.
The life I once knew would be no more.
I underwent an internal search of spirituality to calm my frightened soul.
I concluded that, beyond one fastened door, a better entry would be before me.
Onwards I proceeded to this opportunity for new endeavors.
Just like you, this decision was not easy for me.
But, I decided my life path should leave a lasting impression upon others.
Shackles, I wanted them gone.
Sovereignty, I wanted to experience.