Ninety Days to A Better Me

A new journey and a new life are about to commence.
Thirteen years of my life were devoted to this occupation.
Lack of courage from those in charge brings me to this moment.
Ninety days I was given before the inevitable.
The loss of my occupation was the topic on the table.
Action of wickedness, I refused to take part in.
Righteousness will be my only action.
Trepidation they wanted to instill in me.
An offspring they know I have to support.
However, ninety days, I have to a better me.
Their plans of trepidation will not work.
The divine being, I know, will carry me through this pain.
An abundant life will be part of my future.
This new journey, I welcome with open arms.
A new occupation with great opportunities will be discovered.
Ninety days they gave me.
Ninety days I have, to be a better me.
Onwards, I will go to the blissfulness I know is waiting.