One more he asked sitting at the bar.
Staring into space drinking to forget,
It was only ten years ago during the month of May.
He married his high school sweet heart.
Kids came right away, two to be exact.
Life was perfect as he recalled.
Tears scurried from his face pain in his stomach.

One more he asked.
Future of what could have been race through his head.
Cried he did, screaming he did.
One more he asked.
Forgetting he is unable to.
A drunk driver took a red light and his family.

One more he asked with uncontrollable tears.
Vision of his beautiful wife in front of him;
He reached to touch her to no avail.
One more he asked
Voices echoed in his head.
I love you honey, we love you daddy.
One more he asked crying uncontrollably.
This time, please make it coffee.

One More He Asked