Over Green Pastures

Towards the rise of the sun,
Daily toil that brings no fun.
Lengthy exposure to the scorcher,
A veneer of crumple covers his young exterior.

Born over the land of green pastures, pastures are his life, merely,
Over green pastures, sustained effort to feed his family,
Just like his predecessors, he tries to reduplicate this life blissfully.

Offspring prime for their occasions,
Edifying them will not happen.
Over green pastures will be their reality,
Education will not be their priority,
The almighty will be their only anxiety.

Towards the disappearing of the sun,
Tiredness is apparent, the body is numb.
Dinner and a shower before the night is done,
Yet again look towards the rise of the sun,
For another day of drudgery that brings no fun.