Red Shoes

Lengthy meeting just ended.
Going home to his family was all he sought.
Weekly business trips keeping him absent from home are getting difficult.
In the crowded station he stood waiting for his train to take him home.
Daydreaming with thoughts of hugs and kisses from his family.
A sit he was able to get hold of amongst the rush hour crowd.

In the corner of his eyes he noticed her red shoes.
Stunning he alleged to himself.
He made several attempt to catch sight of the owner.
The swarms would not tolerate a view.
He was determined to make a connection with the owner.
He wittingly missed his stop. Followed her he did.

Three years have passed since his unfaithfulness.
Weekly counseling helped to keep his nuptials resilient.
Memories of an earlier time in his life have resurfaced.
Residence he was eager to go home to earlier vanish from his thoughts.
Contact with the owner of the red shoes was all he sought.

In a trance he appeared to be.
The ringing of his cell phone he did not hear.
Finally, he answered his phone.
His wife on the phone inquiring about where he was
He lied. He told her he missed his train.
Finally, he gave up on his hunt for the red shoes.
He was bewildered as he walks back to the train station.
He arrived home; hugs and kisses bestowed on his family.
Red shoes however on his mind.