Remnant of a Soul

Ofelia dawdling around the rose garden, mystified,
Wide-open eyes can not distinguish her beloved sanctuary.
Vagueness in recalling her name and family members.

Vibrancy of younger days has escaped Ofelia.
Her culinary skills and guardianship are in history.
Her fragile state does not allow self-feeding or changing.

A moment of thrombosis in her brain robbed her of her liberty.
Companion of thirty years stood beside her to facilitate.
Practitioners’ prophecy of a short life has not come to fruition.

All of her ancestors had prolonged lives, regardless of condition.
Ofelia’s is resilient and ready for combat, for the remnant of her soul.
Offspring in harmony in creating trouble-free surroundings.

Ofelia’s dawdling has come to a halt.
Unable to stroll, the remainder of her days is in bed.
Finally, heaven’s gate opens its doors to receive her.
Ofelia’s companion and offspring lay her to rest in her beloved sanctuary.
Her sanctuary blooms to unrecognizable conditions,
The remnant of Ofelia’s soul continues to live in her rose garden.