The inevitable,
I know. Ready, I m not.
So much to do,
Days and night without a thought.
Sometimes, I wonder.
Is it like I hear?
Then, I think of it.
My mother, I picture.
How good it would be to see her?
How good it would feel to hug her?
Then I stop wondering.
No point worrying about
A rendezvous without a time.

The inevitable, I know
When, I do not know.
Ready, I am not.
A child to edify,
A life to mend,
So much to do.
A rendezvous to let pass.
Maybe, I will be ready.
I a  hundred years, perhaps.
Only if God wishes,
For he knows,
Ready, I am not.
So much to do.

The inevitable,
I know.
But today, I 'll pass on this rendezvous.