The long days and nights,
Sitting in a small room with his plight,
Staring at a blank wall, imagining a view.
An unimagined outlook of a future in this lieu.
On a lake fishing is today’s illusion.
Smile stamped on a face filled with delusion.

The easterly sunlight pierces through the room,
Another moment of reverie is created.
Simple stroll in the park is today’s vision.
This vibrant life has dawdled to a freeze.

Master of visions, lack of options.
An inebriated moment created this suffering,
His rapidly moving vehicle became one with an oak.
Now paralyzed and confined to a chair without any fervor.

In reverie he finds comfort.
Wishing he could go back and change that night’s binge.
For now, he continues staring at a blank wall.
Reverie is all he has to go on.