September Morning
He searches the depth of his soul to find audacity.
Courage to admit help he needs for this difficulty.
Depart from the routine he needs new activity
Hands however confine by a decanter.

September morning he will be unfettered.
Morning appointments for get together,
Facing intricacy relinquish this ewer.
September morning he hopes will bring wonders.
A delight he has been missing for years.
Love ones voice he longs to hear.

September morning treatments to remove the fear,
Confessing wrong doing will help with the healing.
Acceptance he realized requires many to express their feelings.
Unkind words from their lips will be unsettling.

September morning get together continues to help.
A demon decanter no longer confines me, he yelps.
However, winning of this battle will be ongoing.
September morning is here to help with the long journey.