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Sinful Adoration, Introduction to Sinful Adoration

A troubled self with a troubled life.
Carrying a devout child to places of wickedness.
A mind with constant chatter,
Trying to find life's purpose with certainty.

Weakness of heeding to a confused mind,
Brings moments of agony.
Born in a deprived locale,
wish for effortless deeds to acquire abundance.

No patience waiting for the deity deliverance.
Hastening to attain affluence.
Introduction to sinful adoration,
he did not think would bring any consequences.

Illusions of an abundant life continues with a false sense of dominance.
A devout child from devout parents is living a life full of fright.
Fear from those whom he has swindled,
Now, they want to battle.

The accumulation of wealth has disappeared,
the deprived life is back to light.
Today, as he narrates his fable,
he knows how to accumulate lasting abundance.
You have to live a righteous life.
Sinful adoration will only create a life with an undesirable path.