The Heeding Carcass
Dormant I lay in my room as I always do before Joe comes home.
What to cook for dinner I pondered, his favorite perhaps.
Joe enjoys fresh pasta and homemade sauce.
Low voices I started to hear.
It sounded as if they were many people in my room.

My eyes I tried to open to see what is going on, to no avail.
The murmurs increased and still I lay dormant unable to move.
I have become frightened to why these people are in my room.
I have decided to heed to their whispers.
I recognized these voices; I exclaimed.

I heard Joe’s voice, my mother, my best friend Anna.
I even heard my nosy neighbor Sarah’s voice.
I was perplexed to the reasons they were in my room.
I can hear laughter and moments whimper.

The swarm approached close to me, they were talking to me. I responded, but they could not hear me.
I screamed for Joe to please tell me what is going.
He failed to respond to my cries.
I wanted to get up and asked them to leave my room.
However, my body felt paralyzed.

Pasteur Jones voice I recognized.
He is talking about me as if I was dead.
I am not dead. I yelp!
I was getting really mad. I screamed louder hoping they could hear me.
No one responded to my plea.
Darkness I suddenly feel covering my face.
All the murmurs vanished. My room is quiet again.
Unable to move, I continued to lay dormant