The Negro

Still today,
The emancipation of the Negro has boundaries.
The land of the free continues its illusion of sovereignty.
The Negro fettered by the disparity of tint.
Veiled intolerance is abundant.
Unveiled sentiments do not display any divergence.
The Negro has toiled for acceptance to no end.
Heavy outlay due to simple differences of tint.
Two hundred years of dominating souls.
May bring more opportunities,
But there are limited opportunities for the Negro.
Because still today,
The Negro is unable to relinquish the enchaining.
Years of segregation have created a self-fulfilling prophecy he is unable to shake.
The dreams of equality for all have escaped the Negro.
Words, used to create the illusion of parity,
Impede the Negro’s view from discerning the manacle on his feet.
The Negro will have to continue his ongoing clash until he attains full sovereignty.
However, the land of the free has shown audacity.
The election of a Negro to highest office illustrates the possibility of change.
Boundaries still exist, but I think they may be limited boundaries.
Two hundred years of less than, but today, we feel mighty.
Our resiliency has paid off.
Now, we move on to a better two hundred years.

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