The Pendulum and the Cuckoo Bird

At the stroke of twelve,
The two-note birdcall signifies a transformation of great proportion.
The sentinel over the iron gates prepares the jailbird for an unhurried demise.
A slow walk towards the jagged pendulum,
He knows his time has come.

Hours before, workers honed the thirty-inch circle.
Pendulum is waiting patiently for the next swift incision.
Beneath is stained concrete from the pendulum’s last encounter.
The small room with no window has seen much demise.
The room has a stench of death hovering in the small space.
The dawdling stroll commences.

His feet and hands shackled, his eyes scream for help. However,
His face displays an illusion of strength, to convince himself he can handle this.
Then again, he has heard stories of previous punishments, he knows of this moment.
As he enters the room, his heart is palpitating faster with only one way to stop.
A look at the pendulum brings more fright to his eyes.

Reminiscing of the deed that got him in this room, he wished he could go back.
The pendulum and the cuckoo bird will be in concert to execute his being.
At the stroke of one, the two-note bird signifies the start of the pendulum.
He lies on his back, looking at the pendulum swinging back and forth.
The pendulum is inching closer, to end his misery.
Finally, with one last swing, his head rolls across the room.
Blood spews out, staining the previous stain on the concrete floor.
His body lies on the table without a face.
His face is looking at the concrete floor with an agonizing grin.

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