Unconscious Existence

Wide-eyed but still unsighted,
Perceiving sound but still hearing-impaired,
Trekking unaware, with no sense of what is going on.
Blaming life for its difficulties, without a clear aim.
Self-culpability removed, responsibilities belong to someone else.
An unconscious existence of a breathing soul,
In a trance while awake.
Thumping heart yet departed,
Daily activities with no results.
A journey to no destination,
Odyssey with no change of fortune.
An unconscious existence without independence.
In control, but with the delusion of control.
Confusing sufficient time with swiftness of time,
Monitoring insignificant dust in the eyes of others,
But blind to the truckload of dust in your own eyes.
Life’s difficulties continue to lay a heavy burden.
Substantial outlay for an unconscious existence,
Substantial outlay for an unconscious existence.