Wasting of an adolescent

I, too, don’t believe it, but can’t help to speculate on their trepidations.
This adolescent was full of imagination;
it’s no riddle to his conviction.
Night time dialogue they heed by his room.

Morning dialogue with the adolescent authenticates their trepidations.
Uncertain with their conclusions,
more nights exhausted eavesdropping on the adolescent.
Persuade of the adolescent clasp of phantom, they convene.
Eradicating of this unknown spirit was the intent.
Cruelty was the day; their trepidations intensify by the adolescent’s screams.

Hands and feet coupled to the bed post, an adolescent in anguish.
Encircled his bed were devout men and women, so they say.
An adolescent guilty only of activities of thoughts, undergo a penalty not merit.
Hours later, death was at their door steps for trying to confiscate a false phantom.
Wasting of an adolescent these devout men and women execute.