Who Goes There?

Who goes there?
Hidden from being bare,
Did you thump my shoulder?
Show thy self and utter.
I know you are there.
Your energy you blare.
Who’s trying to antagonize me?
My meek emotions will flee.
My belligerent emotions will appear.
Dagger in your hands,
Into my stomach it bends.
Why are you doing this?
Come out and taste my fist.
Dagger in your hands,
On my chest it brands.
Expose thyself, and face me like a man.
Who goes there?
Your façade you need to share.
Show you are a man, if you dare.
Into your eyes I want to stare.
Dagger in your hands,
Vein ruptures in my gullet.
Red fluid is spewing from these welts.
Why are you doing this?
Do I know thee?
Show thy cowardice.
Pummeling of your face I want to practice.
Red fluid continues its rush.
I ran to grab a towel to stop the gush.
The reflection of an image I can identify.
A face I know, but never consider.
Stare of the familiar reflection lingers.
Dissipating strength from the wounds,
I collapse to the ground.
“Why did you do this?” I ask.
Show you are a man if you dare.
Why? I utter with my last gulp of air.
I beg you for mercy.
Your wife I did not fancy.
Dagger pierces my beating chambers.
Why are you doing this?
My mirror image you are, my sole brother.

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