Winters in the Attic
Falling leaves signifying the beginning of fall, and
Winter will arrive soon.
The soaring tree in the yard where she used to go and harbor will be naked.
Her favorite hiding place will be no more until next summer.
Winter refuge to most elevated place she seeks.
The attic was the place.

A frightened youngster who has experienced exploitation not merits.
Soaring heights she desired to evade this swine’s touch.
Summer green leaves permits temporary safe haven from view.
Winters in the attic however extend protection until summer.
Her demise did not convey any fright because she thought living was dire.

Bliss she did not think would ever be authentic.
A youthful courage she gathers.
This swine she will defeat.
Today, as she narrates her tribulations, her buoyancy is evident.
She became a robust woman.
Her exploitations could not break her.
She will never forget, however, defeat she would not allow.