Through The Darkness

Through the darkness, far, far ahead, I see a speck of light.
Trekking alone with eagerness to reach what’s in my sight.
My life has had many challenges, but today there will be no more fight.
Deliverance from wickedness, the light will eradicate fright.
Journey towards the light, creates hope and joy that seem bright.
However, with every step, the light moves farther away.
Contemplating giving up, voices echo in my head to stay.
A look back to where I was; darkness is all I see.
With doubts, I continue the trek towards the light to meet the seer.
A connection with the Supreme Being, I beseech.
With minor steps, I follow my heart to a daunting place of unknowns.
Through the darkness, far, far ahead, the light carries on.
My belief in the Deity is all I have to go on.
This journey will continue until the day we become one.

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